CeaseFire Youth Initiative Inc. - 5 Year Plan (6th-11th graders)

5 year plan: Wrap around program consisting of professionals from areas such as clergy, law enforcement, epidemiology, psychology, psychiatry, dental, optometry, general practitioner, guest speakers, celebrity guest speakers, elected officials, community leaders, landscaping, and blight removal. 

Your financial commitment will go towards our mission…… 


The CeaseFire Youth Initiative Inc.’s mission is to change the culture of school aged children in Detroit. Once we change the thought process of our youngsters, we will begin to see them use more positive choice making skills in order to solve conflicts which will be the deciding factor for the City of Detroit to be placed on the bottom, versus the top, of list such as “Kids Killing Kids,” “Most Dangerous City” and “Murder Capital.” CFYI will partner with many community groups and leaders, business owners, Detroit Police Department, recreational centers, elected officials, media, non-profit groups and others via mentoring, conflict resolution and anti-bullying programs in order to reduce the rate of senseless gun violence within the schools and streets of Detroit. 

1st Year Consist of (Expenditure) 

  • Motorcity Grounds Crew (Aaron Smith)

  • $$$ per cut for 3 schools with 20 cuts per year = $$$

  • This is part of Safe Routes to Schools

  • Youth landscaping job training = $$$

  • Detroit Blight Busters (John George)

  • Board up and blight removal 

  • 150 X $$$ = $$$ for board up + $$$ for blight removal = $$$

  • Artist T.I Honorarium = $$$ per speaking engagement 

  • 3 schools = $$$ X 3 = $$$

  • Big Sean Honorarium = $$$ per speaking engagement

  • 3 schools - $$$ X 3 = $$$ = one time engagement

  • President Barack Obama Honorarium = $$$ one time engagement 

  • Jo Darby - Video Media Production = $$$

  • 2 Annual trips plus two Pistons game per year

  • High school kids - 1300

  • Junior high school kids - 600

  • Total kids = 1900 X $20 per ticket = $$$

  • For 2 games - $$$ X 2 = $$$

  • $$$ X 2 = $$$

  • Security cost (trips, summer programs, school games, etc.) = $$$

  • Mentoring stipend = $$$ per each visit and 1 $$$ gas card 

  • 2 per school X 3 - 6 per week 

  • 24 X $$$ = $$$ per month + $$$ gas cards = $$$ per month X 10 = $$$

  • Transportation cost - 16 passenger van, company suv wrapped with CeaseFire logo = $$$

  • Celebrity Basketball game = $$$

  • Administrative cost = $$$

  • Lawyer retainer fee = $$$

  • Public Relations Director = $$$

  • Social Media (Donations monitor) = $$$

   *Newly Developed Programs

Youth Learn About Their 2nd Amendment Right

With parents’ permission, 11th and 12th graders attend forums and classes which begin to teach students the importance of the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms and training which allows the student to become a responsible gun owner. Robert Lewis Robinson II from “It Takes a Village” will be the lead instructor for gun training and education = $$$


Students Travel To Africa

10th and 12 graders attend a trip to Africa in order to see and experience the homeland. This opportunity will give students a one of a kind experience with nature, animals and natural resources, various ancient cultures, and foods. This unique experience is aimed at opening and expanding the minds of our young people giving them a much larger view on life which will ultimately give them a greater influence and bigger choice in life. (i.e “The Diameter you give your thinking determines the circumference of your activity” - Minister Louis Farrakhan).

 = $$$ (under achievers are primary group for African Trip). 


College Access and Success 

The pre-college program is designed to encourage youth in developing and pursing academic, career, and personal goals. High school students will work to prepare for college or a career of their choice. It is the intent of the program to have students enroll as a 6th grader and continue on through their high school graduation. It is vitally important that we prepare students for college starting in the 6th grade. We will provide the students with the necessary skills and motivation needed to achieve academic success, graduate from middle and high school, and eventually enter college, trade school, or some form of post-secondary training = $$$


Some of the programming will include:

--career fairs

--career interest surveys

--college trips

--making high school count workshops

--financial aid workshops


A.C.E (Adverse Childhood Experience) - Dr. Aliah Majon 

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are potentially traumatic events that can have negative, lasting effects on health and well-being. These experiences range from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, to parental divorce or the incarceration of a parent or guardian. Child Trends analyzed data from the 2011/12 National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) to assess the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences among children and youth. Studies of adults who experienced multiple adverse experiences in their youth have found increased risk for poor health outcomes such as obesity, alcoholism, and depression. Less is known about the relationship between adverse experiences and well-being in childhood or adolescence. The large sample of the NSCH allowed us to examine the association between high numbers of negative experiences and measures of child well-being = $$$


Building Trades Youth Job Training

CFYI, as a partner with the Detroit Landbank Authority, will purchase vacant Landbank owned homes within the vicinity of each of the four schools in order to create jobs within the building/trades profession for area young adults between the ages of 18 - 23. Workers will be trained and begin work assignments starting at $9.55 per hour and after completion of training they will advance to upwards of $20 per hour = $$$

Mission Statement – To form partnerships between community organizations, youth programs, recreation centers, politicians, police gang squad, media and local business owners. Together, our goal is to reduce the rate of senseless gun violence within Detroit public schools and ultimately the streets of Detroit.


Purpose – The CeaseFire Youth Initiative Inc. is an organization formed to address gun violence in Detroit, Michigan with outreach to high risk youth resulting in conflict resolution. We believe that our children have a right to feel safe at school without the threat of gunfire.


Objectives – 

●  To decrease homicides in targeted schools

●  To build strong community allies

●  To stop the shootings

●  To develop conflict resolution programs

●  To give alternatives to violence

●  To give teens more structured and supervised activities to participate in, between the hours of 3:00 – 8:00pm, which is the time period that most undesirable activity takes place

●  To open more recreation centers

●  To partner with after school programs

●  To create a safe environment in each school

●  To form partnerships with community groups, citizens, governmental agencies, law enforcement and clergy


Scope of Services – The CeaseFire Youth Initiative Inc. provides a school tour featuring locally recognized celebrities, artist, activist, former gang members, clergy, elected officials and community leaders who will stimulate youth interest. 


A stage show will take place in the school’s gymnasium or auditorium comprising of these star studded individuals, each using no more than five minutes to tell their story or give testimony describing how guns are not the answer to solving problems. 


The presentations will be focused solely on encouraging effective non-violent conflict resolution. It will address gun violence, domestic violence and bullying while at the same time promoting positive social behaviors.


The stage show is coupled with a part two break out session involving a smaller group of youth who have been identified by the administration and counseling team as high risk and/or poverty stricken youth who may suffer from various forms of stress resulting in non-compliance. 


This smaller group of students will meet with professionals in the fields of psychology and mental health, physical health (including epidemiology), sociology and spiritual health advisors as well, with the intention of implementing one on one interaction which is hoped to fine tune each student's individual demands; ultimately solving their tribulations and set-backs.


The CeaseFire Youth Initiative Inc. was established/founded by its President Reggie Reg Davis, a 30 plus year radio/TV broadcast veteran who lost his baby brother Vito Davis to gun violence. 


After the loss of his kid brother, his only brother, Reggie has been on a quest to find the solution to solving the ongoing senseless gun violence in the city of Detroit.


“Vito Davis was a good kid who didn’t deserve to have his life taken from him. He was a star basketball player who was on his way, via an athletic scholarship, to play ball at Eastern Michigan University. Instead, one late night on the eastside of Detroit several peers of his decided they weren’t accepting of the fact that my brother had all the things he wanted because he did all of the things he was taught and encouraged to due by his Father and older brother. And as a result of robbing my brother they ended up assassinating him. The shooter emptied his gun towards my brother’s vehicle as he attempted to speed away; realizing the boys meant no good to him. Approximately 12 rounds were released intending for my brother. 11 of them missed however, one penetrated his left, hind, lower leg hitting a major artery. Vito began to bleed profusely as he simultaneously drove towards the nearby hospital, only to bleed out and crash into a tree … ending his 19 year life.”


Reggie “Reg” Davis

CeaseFire Youth Initiative Inc.


(313) 544 6312

CeaseFire Youth Initiative Inc. Monthly Program (Core Programs)

1. Media Production: $$$

2. Mentoring Stipends: $$$

     a. 3 per week/ 3 visits per $$$+ $$$ gas card each

3. Safe Routes to Schools: $$$

4. Building Trades Youth Job Training: $$$

5. Self-Improvement Basis for Community Development: $$$ (Psychologist and Counselors)

6. CeaseFire Stage Show: $$$ (DJ, Audio & Video set-up)

7. Administrative Cost: $$$


Amendment II

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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